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                                          HVAC JOKES


Technician: “How long has the AC not been working?”

Customer:   “2 weeks”

Technician: “Why did you wait 2 weeks to have it fixed?”

Customer: “My in-laws were here. They were planning to stay for a month.”


Why did the AC tech run toward the AC?

He was charging it.


Why are computers like air conditioners?

They quit working properly when you open Windows.


Customer:  “Son, you don’t have to talk down to me.  I have a Master’s in mechanical engineering and 30 years experience.  Now what was the problem?”

Technician:  “You had the thermostat switch set for heat, sir”.




                                             _EVERYDAY HUMOR_


At the Olive Garden they say "When you're here , you're family"....It's true. I showed up with a date and the hostess said "We think you can do better"



My memory is failing. I'm thinking of changing my password to INCORRECT .That way when i  try to log on, the computer will say "your password is INCORRECT".


A man is recovering from surgery when the ICU nurse appears and asks him how  he is feeling. "I'm okay...but I didn't like the four letter words the doctor used in surgery", he answered.    "What did he say" asked the nurse. ................................."OOPS"



 ATTENTION : If you get an e-mail that says you can catch salmonella from canned ham, just delete it...........its spam..........


When Solomon said there was a time and place for everthing...He had not encountered the problem of parking.


As you exit the plane, make sure to gather all your belongings. Anything left behind will be divided up amongst the flight attendants. Please dont leave children or spouses.


And  God promised men that a good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the earth....... Then he made the earth round and laughed.


What happened when the turkey got into a fight?

He got the stuffing knocked out of him!


There are 3 kinds of people: Those of us who can count and those of us who can not count.


There has been a terrible accident at Domino's.... One of the workers fell down and bumped into another worker, who fell into another, who fell into another, who fell into another...


My wife and I had words the other day...I still haven't got to use mine



  1.All grocery bags have at least one stick of French Bread

  2. Once applied-lipstick will never rub off----ever           

  3. All telephone numbers in America begin with 555

  4. When paying for a taxi- don't look in your wallet just take out a bill at random and it will be the exact fare.

  5. Mother's routinely cook bacon,eggs,and waffles for their family every morning even though their husband and children never have time to eat.

  6.The police chief will always suspend his #1 detective or give him 24 hours to finish  the job   .

  7. A single match will be sufficient to light up a stadium .

  8. When driving down a perfectly straight road it is necessary to move the steering wheel back and forth.

  9. Every car  including brand new ones will squeal when stopping .

  10. It is always possible to park right outside the building you are visiting    




1What do the stripes on the American Flag represent?

2.Who is considered to be the 'Father of our country"?

3.What is the capital of the United States?

4. Who wrote the Declaration Of Independence?

5.What is the supreme law of the land?

6.The notion of self goverment is present in the first 3 words of the

constitution. What are they?

7.The first ten amendments of the constitution are called what?

8.How many amendments does the constitution have?

9.How many US senators are there?

10.How long are their terms?

11.If both the president and vice president can no longer serve, who is next?

12.Name 3 branches of goverment.

13.What stops one branch from becoming too strong?

14.What is the economic system of the United States? 

ANSWERS: 1.The original 13 colonies 2.George Washington 3.Washington DC 4.Thomas Jefferson 5.The Constitution 6.We The People 7.The Bill Of Rights 8. 27 9.100 10. 6 years  11..Speaker of the House 12.Executive-Legislative-Judicial 13.System of checks and balances 14.Capitalist


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